It's Sugar

-FGPR was charged with touting successes and drumming up business for this growing candy store chain with 100 locations locally and nationally in new and unique ways.

-FGPR crafted various storylines around new openings to create a buzz in both the consumer and business worlds with stories in local papers around the country and nationally in Fortune, Bloomberg, Inc. and more.

-FGPR pinpointed holidays and other media opportunities for the brand to showcase their irreverent take on the candy retail space resulting in stories and segments all across the United States.

-To enhance the brand’s social media profile, FGPR developed a partnership with the high profile restaurant Black Tap to create the “IT’SUGAR XL Gummy Shake,” an over-the-top picturesque shake that went viral with thousands of social media reposts.

-FGPR put together an event to celebrate the partnership on Santa Monica’s famed Third Street Promenade, inviting celebrities and social media stars and creating a frenzy that resulted in lines down the block for the shake